What is Kitsune? Types - Tales & Everything You Need to Know (2024)

Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox. Foxes are well known around the world as cunning tricksters, but Kitsune (Japanese for fox) are a little different. Kitsune are spiritual beings that can shapeshift into either male or female forms and possess superior intelligence. Kitsune also live for an extremely long time (some Kitsunes can even be up to 1,000 years old!) which means few Kitsunes remember their first manifestation. Despite this age, Kitsunes appear as elderly humans in order to blend in with society better. Kitsunes are also well-known around the world as being very intelligent creatures who have a deep spiritual understanding of the world around them. Regardless, Kitsunes are fascinating creatures that hold an important place in Japanese culture and mythology. Kitsunes are a mysterious and intelligent race that has been around for thousands of years. Kitsunes can also be mischievous, which makes them more fun to learn about!

Types of Kitsune:

There are thirteen types of Kitsune in Japanese mythology.

  • Tengoku(Heaven)天国
  • Kukan(Dark)区間
  • Kaze(Wind)言う
  • Seishin(Spirit)精神
  • Kasai(Fire)火災
  • Chikyu(Earth)血キュ
  • Kawa(River)コーヒー
  • Umi(Ocean)海
  • Yama(Mountain)山
  • Mori(Forest)森
  • Sanda(Thunder)砂
  • Jikan(Time)時間
  • Ongaku(Sound)音楽

1.Tengoku Kitsune

Tengoku Kitsune is a Kitsune that dwells in the celestial planes. He is often depicted as a white Kitsune with six tails. Tengoku Kitsune is the Kitsune of wisdom and enlightenment. He is often called upon to help those who are lost or in need of guidance.

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Tengoku Kitsune is said to be the first Kitsune to achieve enlightenment. After achieving enlightenment, he traveled the planes, teaching others about the path to salvation. He is a powerful ally and teacher and is greatly revered by all Kitsunes. Tengoku Kitsune's teachings focus on understanding oneself and the world around them. He encourages his students to look within themselves for the answers they seek and to have faith that those answers will be revealed.

2. Kukan Kitsune

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Kukan Kitsuneis a kitsune that has mastery over the element of space. He is able to manipulate space in various ways, such as creating powerful illusions, teleporting himself and others, and even trapping enemies in spatial bubbles. Kukan Kitsune is also a skilled shapeshifter and can take on any form he desires. He is often seen using his powers to help others, but he can also be quite mischievous at times.

3. Kaze Kitsune

Kaze Kitsune are born with an affinity to wind chakra and are able to use it to its fullest potential. These kitsune are incredibly rare and are said to bring good luck to those who find them. Kaze Kitsune vary in color, but all of them have some sort of wind marking on their fur. Some of them have white fur with light blue markings, while others may have black fur with dark green markings. No matter what their colors are, all Kaze Kitsune share one thing in common: they are incredibly fast.

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In addition to their speed, Kaze Kitsune also possess powerful wind-based techniques. These Kitsune are said to be able to use their wind chakra to fly short distances. Their ability to fly is not perfect, however, and they cannot stay in the air for very long. Once their Jutsu requires too much summoning or hand seals, they lose that power for a few minutes. Kaze Kitsune are known to spend most of their time in trees, so one must keep an eye out while traveling through forests.

4. Seishin kitsune

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One of the most interesting and enigmatic creatures in Japanese mythology is the Seishin Kitsune or "spirit fox." These creatures are said to be able to transform themselves into human form and are often associated with magical powers. Some believe that they can even grant wishes, making them a popular topic of folklore and mythology in Japan. The Seishin kitsune are certainly an interesting part of mythology and culture. As with most things in mythology, the truth behind Seishin kitsune is difficult to determine. However, what we do know about these creatures is that they are fascinating and full of mystery.

5. Kasai kitsune

Kasai kitsune, also known as fire foxes, have been a point of interest for the scientific community for some time now due to their ability to control fire. While we still do not know how it is that these creatures produce and control fire, we have managed to learn quite a bit about them in comparison with the Honshu wolf. The similarities between the two species end at their ability to control fire, however; while the Honshu wolf packs remain small due to relatively harsh environments found on its native islands, Kasai kitsune have been observed living in colonies numbering in the hundreds.

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This is likely due to the kitsune's omnivorous diet. This has allowed them to adapt and thrive in a number of different environments. One theory suggests that the kitsune's ability to control fire is actually an adaptation to their environment; by being able to ward off predators and keep warm during cold nights, they've been able to survive in areas where other species would not be able to. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, it is still an area of active research. With new technology, we are constantly learning more about these amazing creatures. Who knows, in the future, we may finally unlock the secrets of the Kasai kitsune's fire-based abilities.

6. Chikyu kitsune

Chikyu kitsune usually appear as simple foxes with no special features to indicate their power or status. But even so, they're very strong kitsune with the ability to control natural disasters like earthquakes. If you've ever been in an earthquake then you might think that only a Chikyu kitsune could create such carnage. However, kitsunes can also affect smaller events like creating whirlwinds or violent storms and even tricking people into becoming kitsunes themselves! So basically Chikyu kitsune is just another term for really powerful kitsune, and if you encounter one, it's best to be respectful!

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Kitsunes are often known for their trickery and Fox-fire, but Chikyu kitsune take this to a whole new level. Not only can they manipulate the environment around them, but they're also said to be able to cause earthquakes. This makes them a powerful force to be reckoned with, so if you ever come across one, it's best to be respectful! Luckily, they're not too common, so you're not likely to run into one unless you live in Japan. But still, it's good to be aware of them just in case!

7. Kawa kitsune

Kawa kitsunes are kitsunes who possess the "water" descriptor in their racial makeup. These kitsunes possess traits similar to selkies (shapeshifting), okojo (insect-like physical strength), and kappa (aquatic). Kawa kitsunes can shapeshift into large humanoid forms or smaller amphibious forms, like seals. Even the smallest kawa kitsune still stands an imposing 6 feet tall with muscular builds. Their hair colors range from reds, blacks, oranges, and purples; even blues and greens are known amongst these kitsunes. When they reach a sufficient age kitsunes can also grow tentacles from between their legs or at the nape of their neck. The older they get, the more tendrils they can sprout.

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Kawa kitsunes are known for their voracious appetites and love of food and drink. They possess no sense of hygiene and will slurp liquids directly from a bowl instead of using cups to drink them. Kawa kitsunes do not practice etiquette and prefer to eat with their bare hands rather than using utensils when given the alternative option.

It is known that kitsunes undergo maturation phases in which they lose touch with reality; this process brings about new maturations in the kitsune's physical such as sharper teeth, elongated claws, and in some cases, barbs along with their tails. During these phases, kitsunes are known to take on new physical characteristics that better reflect their descriptor. For Kawa kitsunes this means they grow fins, gills, and webbed hands and feet. They also develop a thick layer of scales along their body which helps them swim through the water with ease.

Kawa kitsune are the most reclusive of all the kitsune descriptors, preferring to live near or in watery environments such as swamps, lakes, or rivers. They make their homes in abandoned buildings, caves, or crevices under rocks - anywhere that provides them easy access to the water they love so much.Kawa kitsunes make excellent companions for those who are willing to put up with their crude manners and lack of hygiene. They are known to be loyal, though kitsunes are very fickle creatures who are easily bored or distracted.

8. Umi Kitsune

Umi Kitsune is said to be the most powerful kitsune in the world and is rumored to have magical powers. She is often called upon by people who need help or advice. Umi was born over 1000 years ago and has been alive for many centuries. She has seen many changes in the world and has learned a great deal about magic and the supernatural. She is a skilled healer, and can often help people who are suffering from illness or injury.

Umi is also a talented artist, and her paintings are prized by collectors all over the world. Her work is often mysterious and dark, but it always contains a message of hope. Despite her great power, Umi is a gentle and kind spirit. She loves helping others and is always ready to lend a hand. She is a trusted friend, and many people rely on her advice and support. Thanks to her wisdom and compassion, Umi is truly a force for good in the world.

9. Yama kitsune

Yama kitsune are kitsune that prey upon humans to gain sadness and fear. They commonly appear in kitsune folklore as a way of teaching people how to better protect themselves from such beings, as well as having roots in kitsune's ability to take human form. Yama kitsune have been depicted as being so scary-looking that even a glance at them can bring a person utter terror, which is thought to be the reason why kitsune became associated with yōkai.

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Yūrei have a similar story about how they gain their power by frightening people too much until the sadness or anger eventually turns into vengeful intent or hatred that gives rise to their supernatural abilities. Yama kitsune are believed to have begun shortly after this, as kitsune who preyed on humans to gain their fear and sadness. This is why they are often depicted as being so fearsome, as it is said that even looking at them can fill a person with terror.

Some say that the kitsune's ability to take human form is what allows them to do this so effectively, as it gives them an edge in terms of being able to understand human emotions. Additionally, by pretending to be vulnerable or weak, they can catch people off guard and then strike when they're least expecting it. This has resulted in many cultures developing stories and myths about Yama kitsune in order to help teach people how to avoid these kinds of situations.

10. Mori kitsune

Mori kitsune are spiritual beings that appear in Japanese folklore. Instead of living in urban areas, they tend to live deep within the woods (Mori). Few accounts exist of Mori kitsunes possessing more than three tails; it is believed that just like other kitsunes, five or nine tails are also possible, although these instances are rarer. Their personalities vary just as much as other kitsunes. Some are mischievous and playful, while others can be quite sinister.

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Like kitsune, Mori kitsunes are often depicted as being helpful to humans. They can provide wisdom, guidance, and healing powers if asked respectfully. However, they are not to be taken lightly; they are still powerful spirits that should not be underestimated. If angered or provoked, they can unleash their considerable wrath upon those who have wronged them. In general, Mori kitsunes are a force to be reckoned with and should not be treated lightly. With proper respect, however, they can be a valuable ally in the face of adversity.

11. Sanda kitsune

Sanda kitsune are known for their black and white fur, and they are often considered to be very lucky. In fact, if you see one in the wild, it is said that you should make a wish, as it is sure to come true. Interestingly, Sanda kitsune are not always considered to be good luck charms. In some cases, they are instead seen as omens of misfortune. If you see one in your dreams, it is believed to be an indication that something bad is about to happen.

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Regardless of whether they are seen as good or bad luck symbols, Sanda kitsune are definitely interesting creatures to behold. They are known for their intelligence, which is why they are depicted in various ways throughout history. Sanda kitsune are included in many kitsunetsuki myths. In these stories, kitsunetsuki refers to the possession of a human by a kitsune. It is said that this possession takes place within dreams. If you dream of being possessed by a kitsune it is likely that your luck will run out soon, as kitsunetsuki can be very negative and usually leads to misfortune or even death.

12. Jikan Kitsune

Jikan Kitsune is a Kitsune that has an affinity with time. In Japanese, Jikan means time and kitsune means fox. This kitsune controls a humanoid fox with a clock as its head. It can do this because it has dominion over time itself. The other part of the name comes from the fact that kitsuneneko , or black-furred cats, also have dominion over time in some parts of Japan.

In actuality, though, Jikan Kitsunes are rare to find nowadays due to persecution by humans who do not understand their powers and view them as monsters. Their main ability is reading minds and seeing pasts and futures—not altering events from what is seen, but knowing them all before they happen.

13. Ongaku Kitsune

Ongaku Kitsune, which has a golden tail. These Foxes are said to be musicians of the highest order, and often inhabit the spirit world. They are able to transform their bodies into musical instruments, usually bells or drums. Sometimes they are referred to as 'drum kitsune', and may even travel in groups of eight for this reason.

Bold Kitsune who have strong enough spirits can become Ongaku Kitsunes after death, given the proper celebration is had on their behalf.

There are kitsune that have dominion over time in the sense that their tails split into two whenever a kitsune reaches a certain age—at which point it becomes a kitsune no yomeiri , or celestial fox bride. This means it gains incredible powers to see what could've been and will be as well as being able to see who its future kitsunes will marry. Jikan Kitsunes also gain incredible hearing to better hear what others are thinking. Although not used often due to kitsune being so rarely seen these days, some Jikan Kitsunes have the ability of teleportation since they can essentially travel through time and space at once. Because of this, kitsuneneko are often depicted as being quite mischievous and playful. So although Jikan Kitsunes are incredibly rare, they hold many mysteries that still remain to this day.

What is Nine-Tailed Kitsune?

Tails represent power of a kitsune, the more tails a kitsune has, the more powerful it is. A Nine Tailed Kitsune has to live for 1000 years to have 9 tails and that's the maximum number of tails a kitsune can have. They grow a new tail every 100 years and are considered the most powerful type of fox spirit.

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In Japan, they are often considered to be messengers of the gods and are thought to bring good luck and prosperity to those who encounter them.

The sighting of a 9-tailed fox is an omen for peace and prosperity in the world. The 9-tailed kitsune is considered the wisest, the strongest and the most influential kitsune

What is Foxfire?

Foxfire is an eerie, ghostly light that sometimes appears on the ground at night. It's said to be created when a kitsune rubs its furry tails together. The eerie light can sometimes be so bright that it's mistaken for a fire.

People have associated this strange light with foxes since ancient times. And in modern Japan, kitsunes are almost exclusively what people picture when they think of foxfire.

How to Attract a Kitsune?

Well, one way to attract a kitsune is by leaving some fried tofu on your doorstep. But if you want to be sure to find a kitsune, you might try going to a shrine. Inari shrines in Japan are especially popular places for fox-viewing.

Another way to attract a kitsune is by going to the Zao Fox Village in Miyagi Prefecture. Located on the outskirts of Shiroishi, the village is home to over a hundred foxes. You're sure to find plenty of kitsune here!

What is Kitsune? Types - Tales & Everything You Need to Know (2024)


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