Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (2024)

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Are you learning to crochet amigurumi, or do you already have a menagerie on your shelf? Either way, this guide to crochet cow patterns will introduce you to the perfect new stuffed animal pattern.

You'll also learn how to choose the best yarn for your amigurumi cow and discover the answers to common questions about crocheting plush toys.

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Why You'll Love Making Cow Plushies

  • Giftable: The perfect plush companion for a kid (or child at heart)
  • Beginner Friendly: Amigurumi mainly uses single crochet stitches
  • Quick: Finish your cute cow toy in a day or two

How to Crochet an Amigurumi Cow

As long as you know basic crochet stitches, amigurumi can be easy to learn. Most amigurumi cows are made from a combination of shapes, such as:

  • spheres
  • tubes
  • 3D ovals

Working in the Round

Amigurumi is worked in spiral rounds, so you don't have to join the end of each round with a slip stitch. I recommend using a stitch marker to keep track of where each round ends.

Changing Colors

If you're new to making amigurumi animals, look for patterns in block colors, without spots or stripes. This will save you the stress of changing colors mid-shape. If you choose a more advanced pattern, try this simple way to change color without weaving in your ends.

How to Easily Create Cow Spots

Some crochet cows have distinctive spots. If you want to include them but don't want to change your yarn color, you can appliqué the shapes to your finished animal at the end of your project.

Stuffing Your Animal

Before you sew up your cow, you'll need to stuff it. Add enough stuffing to give the animal a sturdy shape and a pleasantly squishy feel, but be careful not to over-stuff – it can make a crochet cow difficult to pose.

PRO TIP: Try adding stuffing as you work, especially if making narrower shapes. Otherwise, getting the stuffing to the end of a long limb can be tricky.

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Free Crochet Cow Patterns

Yarn animals come in all shapes and sizes, but a cute cow will always stand out from the herd. With their distinctive horns, hooves, and snout, cows are popular amigurumi toys.

As long as a pattern includes those stand-out cow features, your plushie will be recognizable as a cow – no matter how simple it is. That's why easy crochet cow patterns are doable even if you're new to the craft.

Our comprehensive guide also includes more detailed patterns so experienced crocheters can “moo-ve” forward.

Easy Cow Patterns for Beginners

If this is your first time choosing an amigurumi cow pattern, I recommend starting with these simple, adorable crochet cows.While these patterns are quite easy, if you're brand new to crocheting toys, I recommend trying a few of the easiest amigurumi patterns first.

Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (6)

Simple Strawberry Cow

This cute crochet pattern makes the perfect birthday gift for a niece or nephew. Follow along with the video tutorial to see how to work any unfamiliar stitches.

PRO TIP: If you're using safety eyes, remember to attach them before you finish the cow's head.

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Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (7)

Round Cow Pillow

This squishy cow pillow pattern is worked in super bulky yarn, so it isn't too fiddly for a beginner. You can refer to the video tutorial for extra tips as you work.

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Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (8)

Squishy Calf Pattern

This cute squishy cow pattern is based on a simple oval shape, so it’s perfect for beginners. Because it's so large, it's safe for young children (just remember to avoid using safety eyes in gifts for children under 3).

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Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (9)

Classic Standing Cow

This pattern is a great way to practice increasing and decreasing. Though it involves a lot of different shapes, it uses simple stitches throughout.

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Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (10)

Cartoon Cow

You can work this cow's whole body as a single shape – all you have to do is attach the details at the end. It's a great introduction to amigurumi and makes an ideal huggable gift for a toddler.

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Quaint, Cute Cows

These cow patterns are more complex, with details that give them extra personality. They're perfect for crocheters who have mastered the basics. Check out this collection of crochet doll patterns for more ways to add character to amigurumi projects.

Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (11)

Flower Crown Cow

This pattern shows you how to give your crochet cow some bohemian style with an adorable flower crown. The result is a beautiful, huggable plush that will let you practice crocheting more intricate details.

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Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (12)

Dressed-Up Cow

Don't be put off by the thought of crocheting a dress – it's built into the cow's body, so it's still worked in the round. You'll love this crochet cow tutorial if you're confident with color changes, increases, and decreases.

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Amigurumi Cow Plushies

Whatever shape or size you want, you'll find the perfect cow amigurumi pattern here.

Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (17)

Mini Key Chain Cow

This tiny cow is the perfect key chain accessory and a great way to use up some leftover yarn. Practice your sewing skills by attaching all the small parts to the body and head.

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Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (18)

Cute Colorful Cow Pattern

Choose any color you like for this adorable round cow plush. It's small, simple, and a perfect gift to take to a baby shower.

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Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (19)

Black and White Cow

This beautiful black and white cow is the perfect size for cuddling. The pattern comes with an outline, so you know which parts to make first, plus a set of helpful video tutorials.

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Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (20)

Big Cuddly Cow Plush

If you want a bigger stuffed animal to give to your child, this cuddly cow is the ideal size. The pattern also includes a useful guide to the unique leg join technique.

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Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (21)

Cherry Blossom Cow

This free pattern is designed with an adorable cherry blossom motif for maximum cuteness. You can even customize it with as many floral spots as you like.

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Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (22)

Friendly Alpine Cow Pattern

Easy to make and full of personality, this sweet bovine comes with a bright smile and a huggable shape. Accessorize with a ribbon and cowbell for some extra style.

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Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (23)

Lifelike Standing Cow

This cow looks more like a figurine than a crochet doll and can stand up on its own. If the color changes don't appeal to you, avoid them by working in a single color.

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Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (24)

Adorable Brown Cow

Learn how to make this cow's beautiful shell-like ears with this free crochet pattern. It's best for advanced beginners ready to learn a few new skills.

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Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (25)

Beautiful White Cow With Udder

This stunning animal has plenty of personality and a cute cowbell accessory. Before you finish, you can add eyes, lashes, and nostrils with embroidery thread.

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Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (26)

Cow With Milk

What's cuter than a tiny cow holding a milk bottle? Though this video tutorial is in Korean, it contains English captions describing each round's stitches.

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Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (27)

Colorful Tank Top Cow

This beginner pattern involves minimal sewing. Choose your own colors to customize this cow's hide, spots, and tank top.

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Strawberry Cow Patterns

These strawberry cows are crocheted in cute colors, and they're super satisfying to hold. They make the perfect first birthday gifts for young children.

Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (28)

Cow with Heart-Shaped Spots

Show someone some love with this heart-patterned cow. The pattern calls for soft, chunky yarn, ideal for a child to hug.

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Cute Amigurumi Toys: Fun Crochet Cow Patterns to Try! (29)

Chunky Cow Crochet Pattern

This intermediate pattern calls for chunky yarn to make a cuddly cow plush. Inspired by farming games, it's a great gift for fans of Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon.

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What You'll Need for Plushie Patterns

Luckiily, crocheting a cow will require many of the same materials used for other amigurumi projects.

Main Supplies

In general, you will need all of the following supplies for your crochet cow:

  • Yarn, in the weight specified by your pattern
  • A crochet hook in the size specified by your pattern
  • A yarn needle to weave in ends
  • Scissors to cut your yarn
  • Stitch markers to keep track of where your rounds begin
  • Stuffing to fill your plushie

Optional Materials

Depending on your pattern, you may also need these extras:

Best Yarn for Crochet Amigurumi Projects

Some types of yarn are better than others for crochet cow projects. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you choose.

Fiber Type

Cotton yarns like Lion Brand's 24/7 Cotton hold their shape well, which makes them great for beginners.

If you're gifting your plush cow to a child, consider an acrylic yarn like Heartland or Basic Stitch Anti-Pilling. Both yarns are snuggly and machine-washable.

Yarn Weight

Worsted, DK, and sport weight yarns are most popular for amigurumi. DK and sport weight offer a good thickness and clear stitch details, while worsted weight is faster when making larger plushies. I love 24/7 Cotton DK yarn for smaller projects and Hometown for extra big stuffed toys.

Pro Tip: Any crochet cow pattern can be made with bulky yarn to create a larger stuffed animal. Adjust your hook size accordingly if you use yarn other than what’s listed in a pattern.

Reading an Amigurumi Pattern

Most beginner amigurumi patterns use familiar basic crochet stitches. Here are the common stitches you’ll find in crochet cow patterns, along with their standard abbreviations:

Crochet StitchAbbreviation
magic circle/magic ringmc/mr
single crochetsc
double crochetdc
slip stitchsl st

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Crochet Cow Pattern FAQs

Check out the answers to the most common questions about making adorable plush cows.

Are cows easy to crochet?

Cows can be easy to crochet, or they can be more of a challenge – it all depends on the pattern you choose. Start with a beginner-friendly pattern, and you'll have an easier time making a crochet cow. If you want to challenge yourself, you can move on to a more complex pattern later.

Is it easier to knit or crochet cows?

You can make adorable yarn animals with knitting and crochet. Crocheting stuffies tends to be easier than knitting toys because you only have one hook and one active loop when you crochet. You have to manage two active loops and two needles when you knit.

Crochet is also faster to work in the round and less likely to unravel as you work.

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