Chocolate Chess Pie Recipe | Miss Information (2024)

Chocolate Chess Pie Recipe | Miss Information (1)

  • November 20, 2012
  • Christmas, Desserts, Holiday, Recipes, Thanksgiving

Chocolate Chess Pie is one of my favorite pies at the holidays. When I was in elementary school my Mother worked at Rich’s department store. They had a bakery and Mom would always order one of these pies at the holidays. It is so rich and creamy with a crunchy top layer.

Chocolate Chess Pie Recipe | Miss Information (2)

First you need to set up a double broiler, nothing fancy just apot with some water in it and a glass bowl! Put in your chips and butter and keep the stove tempon medium, you don’t want it to boil or it may burn your chocolate. Stir it regularly but you do not have to stir constantly. If you have done this correct it will have a beautiful glossy sheen in the end.

Make sure to note for the eggs you will need whole eggs and one yolk. Now I love a good kitchen gadget and this is one of my favorites. The Pampered Chef eggseparator. It is so mucheasierthan trying to go shell to shell and hoping not to get shell in your bowl. It also has anotchthat allows you to hook it on the side of a bowl ormeasuringcup making it hands free.

When you pull your chocolate chess pieout of the oven it will be puffy, then it will fall into place and look like a normal chess pie. Let it sit for at least an hour before you cut it and serve so it can set. I prefer mine cold so I put it in the fridge but room temp is good as well.

It’s really rich and creamy and the thin crust on the top is the best. The coffee really pumps up the chocolate flavor so it’s maxed out making it really rich. It never lasts long in our house!

Chocolate Chess Pie Recipe | Miss Information (4)

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Chocolate Chess Pie

Course: Dessert

Author: Kelley @ Miss Information Blog

Ingredient List

  • 1/2 cup 1 stick unsalted butter, coarsely chopped
  • 4 ounces bittersweet chocolate chips
  • 11/4 cups sugar
  • 1 tablespoon masa harina
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon Starbucks Via flavor of your choice
  • 3 large eggs plus 1 egg yolk at room temperature
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 11/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • Pie Crust of your choice homemade or store bought


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

  2. Melt butter and chocolate chips in a double broiler and set aside to cool.

  3. Mix next 4 ingredients in a separate bowl.

  4. Mix eggs, milk and vanilla together and then combine with the dry ingredients and then the chocolate

  5. Pour in a pre-baked pie crust.

  6. Bake on the middle oven rack for 40-50 minutes.

  7. Cool for an hour once you pull it out of the oven before cutting so it can set.

  8. Serve room temp or refrigerated.

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38 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness...this looks fabulous, Kelli!


  2. That looks great,but, what if you can't get Starbucks coffee


    1. You can use any instant coffee


  3. Looks great! I have never made a chocolate chess pie before but I always see them at pot lucks!


  4. Just made this pie tonight and after I baked it & cooled it, we cut into the pie and it was separted. Like the top layer looked more chocolatey and the bottom layer looked more the color of pecan pie. I just wondered if its supposed to be like that or not? Or have you ever had that problem? It tasted ok, just not as chocolatey or rich as I was thinking. Thanks for the help!


    1. No it should be chocolate all the way through, I have never had that happen before. Did you change any of the ingredients?


  5. so so yummy looking. I love the pic of the empty plate! lol!Just a wanted to let you know our Silhouette Cameo Giveaway ends tonight, if you haven't entered yet (or if you wanna get more entries! :) Have a great weekend!


  6. Yum, that looks delicious! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!


  7. Tried to bake this pie twice this weekend for a party tonight. The pie crust is completely black by the time it's done. The Marie Calenders pie crusts are very thick ~ is that why your's is not black? I followed the recipe exactly. I have another Chess Pie recipe and it does not do this. HELP?


    1. That may be the case, to remedy it you can just put some tin foil around the crust edge to make a pie shield and then take it off for the last 10 minutes of baking for the edges to brown


  8. Looks divine! Thank you for sharing it to our 12 Days of Christmas {Goodies} link-up. Definitely bookmarking it for future reference. ;)


  9. I have heard of this pie, but never got around to trying it. It looks so good! Top of my list for Christmas!


    1. :)come back and let me know how you liked it!


  10. Looks divine! Thank you for taking the time to link up to Whimsy Wednesday! We LOVE your company☺Kelly at Smart! School {House}


  11. This looks amazing! My mother-in-law used to make her famous chocolate pie for every holiday. She passed away this past February and Thanksgiving wasn't the same. I'll have to make this recipe in her honor.


  12. Wow, that looks yummy! I remember Rich's, but I don't remember that they had a bakery. At least I don't think the one in Birmingham did. Thanks for sharing on Whimsy Wednesday.


    1. This one was in Ga. I miss Rich's and thanks for hosting!


  13. Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe at my party! Now I'm craving chocolate! Have a great week!LeslieHouse on the Way


  14. I am making that this weekend! It looks so incredible! I saw your link on I should be mopping the floor link party. :)


    1. How did it turn out?


  15. Oh yum! I want a piece right now!!!


  16. This looks fabulous, it will be a hit at Christmas. Thanks for sharing your recipe. We found you through Nifty, Thrifty and Creative Things. We are your newest members, would love for you to check us out, and join us. Have a beautiful day, Jeannie


  17. Oh my goodness this looks amazing!!


  18. O my goodness this looks amazing! There is a famous place in Kentucky that we just went to that is famous for their pie and I get the chess pie every time! But its not a chocolate chess pie! I'm soooo making this! I would love if you would share this at my blog hop!


    1. Thanks for the invite I did link up, hope you try it!


  19. I love the way it fluffs and the crispness on top. Thanks for sharing this pie on foodie friday Kelley.


    1. Thanks for hosting Diane, it's kinda like watching a souffle puff up!


  20. I've never had this pie before, and wasn't really even sure what it was until now. Looks DELICIOUS!!! Thanks for sharing with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!


    1. Thanks Paula


  21. LOL Yes you do


  22. Welsome Melissa, It is really good, I am sad it's all gone.


  23. Ha, I hope you give it a try!


  24. Oh wow, this looks amazing!! Normally my favorite pie for the holidays is apple, but this could take it's place!


  25. I've never had this before. But I need this in my life!!!


  26. oh my!..this looks fabulous!I love chocolate in any form. =)found your recipe thru Pinterest, Im a new follower!


  27. OH.MY.GOODNESS that looks fantastic! I have to say my favorite pie is pecan but I rarely make it...cause it's so full of sweet and I like trying other things. This looks to.die.for! Thanks for sharing.


  28. This sounds amazing! I make Chocolate Chess Pie but this takes it to a new level with the Starbucks!! Yum! Question, is Masa corn meal? Can I use something else instead? Thanks!


    1. Yes masa is fine corn meal, you can actually take any corn meal and put it in a blender or food processor and use it.


Chocolate Chess Pie Recipe | Miss Information (2024)


How do you know when a chess pie is done? ›

Towards the end of the baking time, the only way you can tell if it's done is by gently jiggling the pie. It should have a very slight jiggle but be totally set in the center. If you're worried it's not done, just bake another 5-10 minutes.

Why do they call it chocolate chess pie? ›

Another story that points to chess pie's English roots says that English cooks combined spoil-prone ingredients like butter and eggs with sugar to keep them from going bad and used that to create a pie that could be kept unrefrigerated in a chest. “Chest” became “chess,” and the rest is pie history.

What is the history of the chess pie recipe? ›

The first time a Chess Pie recipe was published was in Martha Washington's Booke of Cookery, published in 1902. And yes, it's Martha Washington, as in the first First Lady. Like mentioned before, the recipe was not named.

What is chocolate chess pie made of? ›

What is chocolate chess pie made of? It's just about one of the easiest chocolate pies you can make! The custardy filling is made with eggs, sugar, milk, butter, cornmeal, vanilla, and unsweetened chocolate.

Why is my chess pie not setting? ›

Unlike a typical custard pie, that wobbly middle will not fully set up when it's cool due to the high sugar content. So bake the pie until it just sets up, and there is no jiggle left in the pie.

Why does my chess pie crack? ›

When you move a pie out of the oven too fast, you risk cracking the top. One trick of the trade to keep pies from cracking is to place the pie dish on a cookie tray to bake. That way, when you take it out of the oven once it's finished baking, you don't have to worry about moving it too much.

Can I leave chess pie out overnight? ›

Chess pie can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated, whichever you prefer. If you love cold pie, this recipe will keep up to 4 days in the refrigerator. I hope you enjoy this Dark Chocolate Chess Pie recipe.

Can chess pie be left at room temperature? ›

Chess and nut pies (ex. Salted Maple, Hot Cocoa Chess, or Brandy Pecan) are best eaten within 3 days of purchase if stored at room temperature. However, they can also be refrigerated for up to 1 week.

Why do you put cornmeal in chess pie? ›

Cornmeal: Along with flour, cornmeal helps thicken up the chess pie's custard. Flour: For thickness and body in the custard. Salt: A little salt balances the pie's sweetness. Butter: Use unsalted, but if you only have salted, cut back on the salt you add.

What is another name for chess pie? ›

And so, supposedly, the name “Chess Pie” was coined. Chess pie and its many Southern variations — including vinegar pie, transparent pie and Tyler pie (a favorite of Edna Lewis's, putatively named for President John Tyler and perfected by the women of Miss Lewis's hometown of Freetown, Va.)

What is the difference between chess pie and pecan pie? ›

If you're not from the south, you may have never heard of a “chess pie,” though technically pecan pie is a type of chess pie. A chess pie is a pie principally made from sugar, eggs, and butter. In other words, a custard pie.

Why is it called chess? ›

chess (n.) 13c., from Old French esches "chessmen," plural of eschec "game of chess, chessboard; checkmate" (see check (n.)), from the key move of the game. Modern French still distinguishes échec "check, blow, rebuff, defeat," from plural échecs "chess."

What is the oldest pie in the world? ›

The Ancient Egyptians were the first to invent a dish close to what we know as a pie today. They had a honey filling covered in a crusty cake made from oats, wheat, rye or barley. A recipe for chicken pie was also discovered on a tablet carved prior to 2000 BC.

What is the difference between chess pie and regular pie? ›

Cornmeal as a stabilizer in the filling is distinct to chess pie.” Buttermilk is the main factor in differentiating the two pies. Adding an acidic ingredient, like buttermilk or vinegar, to the pie will cut down on the sweetness and change the consistency of the filling.

What's the difference between a chess pie and a buttermilk pie? ›

However, chess pie is made with cornmeal to thicken the filling, whereas buttermilk pies generally only use all-purpose flour.

What is the difference between egg pie and chess pie? ›

R. Dull. That same year, a chess pie recipe was published in the Fort Worth Women's Club Cookbook. The major difference in a chess pie from other custard pies is most chess pie recipes call for a small amount of cornmeal (or sometimes flour) to be added to the batter.

What is a buttermilk chess pie made of? ›

Chess Pie is a simple baked pie consisting of a homemade pie crust and an egg, sugar, and buttermilk filling. It can be varied by adding flavorings such as lemon, vanilla, or chocolate. The recipe dates back to the 1700s, making it a pretty old American dessert.


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